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Changing Tides: A Pact Press Anthology


Pact Press, an imprint of Regal House Publishing in partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation,  invites submissions to an anthology of environmental writing that  highlights the plight of the oceans. Submissions may range from poetry  to personal essays that particularly emphasize the international crisis.

Each piece must focus on the monumental shift taking place in the  world’s oceans. Topics may include effects of climate change, oil and  chemical pollution, overfishing, and buildup of plastic along shorelines  and in marine habitats. We welcome contributions from volunteers or  organizers of clean-up efforts, scientists who study marine life and  habitats, and conservationists with insight into sustainability  solutions, as well as individuals who can speak to the domestic and  international debates regarding policy changes.

The anthology’s purpose is to amplify awareness of ocean  environmentalism by examining the impact and compounding consequences of  industry and geopolitics. By featuring work that looks at different  facets of these problems, we intend to challenge writers and readers  alike to take part in what is fast becoming a global movement. This is a  call to arms, and we look forward to hearing your voices.

For  all accepted and published submissions, editorial work will be provided  free of charge. Net proceeds from the sale of the anthology will go  toward the Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Key  Largo, Florida, with a focus on rebuilding coral reefs, creating  offshore nurseries, and educational outreach.  Contributors will not  receive financial remuneration for their submissions.

Guidelines for Submissions

Word limit: We encourage submissions in a range of  literary including but not limited to poetry, short fiction, personal reflections, essays, and articles but we  ask that authors do not exceed a maximum word limit of 3,500.

Deadline for receipt of submissions: March 18, 2019

Timeline for publication: June 2019. Accepted  submissions will be edited during the period of January 2019 through  April 2019. Please provide a valid email address for correspondence with  Pact Press editorial staff. If a contributor will not be available to  discuss proposed changes to her or his submission with the editorial  team, this should be noted on the original submission, and in these  cases, submission implies permission for the editors to make limited  stylistic changes at their own discretion.